Stop Overdraft Fees on Debit/Credit Card Transactions and ATM Withdrawals

Banks currently charge overdrafts on all types of transactions placed against a checking account when it goes to a negative balance. This includes debit card transactions, credit transactions, ATM Cash Withdrawals, checks, and automated payments, and automated debits.


Quickly find Module Names in Drupal

While I don't like to hack Drupal core, there are a few tweaks to Drupal that I've found myself making to enhance the ability to administrate that I'm not able to accomplish using hooks.
Because each module on the module configuration page lists all of its dependencies and all of the modules dependent on it, it is often hard to find the checkbox for a given module on the module. This quick fix will put a carat (^) in front of each module name so you can quickly search for the checkbox to enable/disable or configure it:


Showing more content and user records in Drupal

Another hack I typically do is I change the number of records that appear under the listing of Content and Users in the node and user modules to show 1000 records instead of 50.
D7.22 line 493 of modules/node/
change to be: ->limit(1000)
You will also need to edit your php.ini file, and set max_input_vars = 2000


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